Appropriate Policy Document Template

The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA18) outlines the requirement for an Appropriate Policy Document (APD) to be in place when processing special category and/or criminal offence data under certain specified conditions. In November 2019, the ICO published a template for this document that can be easily customised and used by businesses to meet the requirements […]

GDPR Compliance | GDPR & Brexit

Will the UK have a deal with the EU before October 31st? As of writing this post the answer is still uncertain and so it is essential that firms of all sizes with obligations under the GDPR ensure that they are fully compliant with the Regulation. The UK Government have already confirmed that the GDPR […]

Coronavirus & Complaint Handling

Governing bodies have stressed how essential it is to have complete and robust compliance programs in place, with emphasis on data protection, information security, vulnerable customers and complaint handling. In these difficult times, people are extremely stressed and anxious, which may lead to additional complaints where service or product expectations have not been met. Whilst […]