GDPR Templates to Compy with the GDPR

Is One GDPR Policy Template Enough?

The GDPR has now been in force in the UK since 2018. However, there are still hundreds of new and existing businesses who need to comply with the UK’s data protection framework. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as drafting one GDPR Policy! A suite of data protection policy documents policies are the best way to appraoch the UK’s data protection regime.

Imagine trying to bundle all of the GDPR requirements into one policy document! From data breaches and subject access requests, through to consent mechanisms. The aim of a policy is to set out the company’s objectives and aims. Employees also use the policy content to inform their understanding of each compliance area and the business objectives. Therefore, developing and implementing a suite of data protection policies that cover all your obligations is best practice.

GDPR Consent & Principles A3 Poster Set

Understanding the GDPR principles and the consent requirements are fundamental to effective data protection compliance.

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What GDPR Templates Do You Need?

There is no hard and fast rule about the gdpr policy templates that you must have in place. However, the Regulation covers a vast array of controls and measures that should be documented. To easily manage your GDPR obligations, it is best to have a separate policy for each process. For example, some of the policies you should have in your GDPR program could be.

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Breach Policy
  • Subject Access Request Procedures
  • International Transfer Policy
  • Direct Marketing Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Notice

Customisable GDPR Data Protection Policy Template & Toolkits

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