Arrears & Financial Difficulties Bitesize Manual

This manual helps to create a robust & structured compliance program that focuses on identifying, assessing and managing arrears, defaults & financial difficulties in accordance with the FCA requirements. Incorporating our extensive arrears policies, procedures, affordability assessment and gap analysis checklists, the manual can be customised and corporate branded, giving you the tools to ensure compliance with the CONC 1 & 7, plus specific FCA requirements.

£135.00 (ex vat)

Our Bitesize Manuals enable firms’ to meet the regulatory compliance standards and expectations, using our expert content as a foundation for a structured and compliant document program. Each manual comes with a detailed instruction guide for using, editing and maintaining the manual and customising the content to suit your own business requirements. 

All policy, procedure and checklist templates are ready-to-use, with the content being written in the first-person to ensure it accurately reflects your objectives, strategies and compliance obligations.

If you want to purchase multiple Bitesize Manuals, visit our FCA Compliance Manual page to see what is included in the full version on our manual.

Arrears & Financial Difficulties Bitesize Manual
TYPE: Bitesize Compliance Manual SIZE: 47 pages FORMAT: Microsoft Office
Bitesize Manual Sections: –
▪ Purpose & Scope of the Manual
▪ FCA Regulatory Framework & Objectives
▪ What are Arrears & Defaults
▪ Due Consideration
▪ Application of Interest & Charges
▪ Communication with Customers
▪ Data Accuracy & Debt Advice
▪ Financial Difficulties
Supporting Documents Included: –
▪ Arrears & Defaults Policy & Procedures
▪ Financial Difficulties Policy
▪ Affordability Assessment Calculator
▪ Arrears & Financial Difficulties Checklist & Gap Analysis Tool
▪ Arrears Q&A Test Papers
▪ Debt Advice Policy & Procedures
▪ Income & Expenditure Form