Arrears & Financial Difficulties Training Package

Our Arrears, Default & Financial Difficulties Training Package enables you to deliver your own training in-house; with ready-to-use PowerPoint slides and extensive trainer notes, our set allows you to become the trainer, avoiding per-user licence fees, annual costs and isolated online sessions. Complete with handouts, evaluations sheets and test papers, our training package provides everything you need to deliver informative training sessions for new starters and existing staff and to customise the content if required.

£129.00 (ex vat)

It is an FCA requirement for all CONC regulated firms to have staff who are competent and trained in the arrears, defaults and financial difficulties regulations and requirements, with specific emphasis on CONC 1 & CONC 7. This extensive in-house training package allows you to be your own trainer and to provide staff with the support, guidance and information required to understand, identify, assess and handle arrears accounts and customers with financial difficulties.

As with all of our training sets, you are provided with all of the tools, resources and guidance to deliver the training yourself, without paying for external trainers or reoccurring user licence fees. The course comes with ready-to-use PowerPoint slides and extensive training notes, allowing you to deliver an effective, professional and informative session.

Package Contents

Our Arrears & Financial Difficulties Staff Training package comes ready-to-use and includes: –
▪ Trainer & Session Delivery Guidance
▪ 11-slide PowerPoint Presentation
▪ 14-page Trainer Notes for Content Delivery & Slide Compatibility
▪ Trainee Handouts – Slides & Reminder Sheet
▪ 2 Q&A Employee Assessment and Answer Papers
▪ Employee Training Record Template
▪ Trainee Training Evaluation Form

Who is the training suitable for?

This training package has been designed at an introductory through to advanced level and as such, will benefit a broad range of employees and associates, including those working in organisations regulated by the FCA, those dealing first-hand with arrears and defaults and customers experiencing financial difficulties, compliance officers and those seeking to learn more about the FCA requirements in this areas.

Why Use PowerPoint?

Whilst many training sessions are now offered online, via management systems or apps, we believe that compliance is one area that requires human interaction when it comes to delivering and understanding complex regulations and legislation. Our packages enhance the human element that is so often essential in ensuring that training is effective, adequate and absorbed. A sole user going through online pages and selecting answers is no substitute for group discussions, asking questions, interactive content and most of all – a trainer’s ability to know if a trainee is misunderstanding or not engaged.

How is the training assessed?

Whenever a firm delivers training, they need to ensure that the content understood and is practicable in the employees’ work environment. We provide 2 professional assessment test papers with the training package, along with extensive answer sheets that enable a ‘test and train’ ethos. The papers come with 10 questions each and will assess the trainee’s knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the learned information to their role and company.

Arrears & Financial Difficulties Staff Training
FORMAT: Word.doc & PowerPoint DURATION: 45-60mins
Session Content:
Arrears & Financial Difficulties Introduction What Are Arrears & Defaults
Financial Difficulties Explained Controls, Measures & Tools
FCA Regulations & Expectations Affordability & Suitability
Signposting Why Training is Essential
Auditing & Monitoring Record Keeping