PCI Compliance Policy

PCI DSS stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is a set of requirements created and implemented at make sure that all organisations who process, store or transmit credit/debit card information, maintain a safe and secure environment for handling the transactions and procedures.

Whether large or small, companies who handle card transactions (known as merchants), need to be PCI compliant and have a PCI Compliance Policy in place.

£25.00 (ex vat)

The main aim of PCI DSS is to reduce credit card fraud and increase levels of security for those paying by card. Customers who supply you with their card details are relying on you to ensure their information remains safe and secure and is processed, transmitted and stored in a compliant manner.

The Know Your Compliance PCI Compliance Policy helps your firm to state its intent and commitment to providing customers with a secure transaction process which is compliant with the PCI-DSS requirements. Our policy is over 6 pages long and provides a ready-to-use, robust and structured policy for meeting the PCI regulatory requirements.

The PCI Compliance Policy contains (5 pages):


This digital document comes in a .doc format which allows amendments and corporate branding such as adding your logo and company name. You are also welcome to remove or add any sections that do/do not apply to your specific business requirements.

FORMAT – Word Doc format that is emailed to the customer after payment has been received.