TCF Guidance Manual

With so many of KYC’s new and existing customers asking if we would be creating any guidance manuals for compliance areas, we have now launched our unique TCF Guidance Manual to help firms regulated by the FCA to meet and exceed the TCF outcomes and principles. This comprehensive and original 92 page handbook has been developed by TCF experts who have provided firms with information, guidance, tools and templates for embedding the TCF ethos into every business processes.

To view the full table of contents and to read more about the objectives of our TCF Guidance Manual, take a look at our TCF Guidance Manual Page.


£149.00 (ex vat)

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) focuses on ensure fairness, clarity, transparency and due regard for consumers purchasing products/services in the financial, insurance and credit markets. There are 6 desired outcomes to ensure that consumer interests are both respected and regarded and organisations regulated by the FCA are expected to embed TCF into the fabric of their business processes, services and products.

The FCA expect businesses to monitor, audit and evidence the treating customers fairly ethos and with the Know Your Compliance TCF Guidance Manual, we cover all areas of TCF and show you how you can relate them all to TCF. As with all of our products, the manual is provided in a Word Document version and is fully editable, so you can amend the document to suit your needs. However, unlike our Compliance Manual, this aim of this TCF Guidance Manual is to provide you with steps, information and guidance for complying with and embedding TCF into your business.

The objectives of this manual are to help your firm to understand the what, why, who and how of TCF and to examine each of your business processes and areas to ensure that TCF is at the forefront of each activity. Through the use of expertly designed checklists, assessments, documents and audits, you will be able to see how TCF can fit seamlessly into your organisation and how many of the TCF principles can actually complement your existing business objectives.

TCF has become a grey area for many organisations as despite it being highly publicised as a major priority for the FCA, the expectations are provided in a guideline format without specific rules or requirements for firms to follow. This has left the area of TCF open to interpretation, which means many firms – many approaches. With everyone addressing TCF in their own way, it is difficult to know who, if anyone, has it right. That is where KYC and this manual come in and whilst we know that TCF is not a ‘one size fits all’ theory, it can be developed, assessed and implemented according to a serious of standardised procedures.

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