Recruitment, Induction & Training Pack

Ensuring the continued assessment, evaluation, competence and knowledge of your staff is a regulatory requirement and corporate responsibility. We have developed this extensive 36 page Recruitment, Induction & Training Pack to provide firms with all the necessary documents for creating a robust and organised recruitment, training & development program which allows you to support your staff, provide evidence to your regulators and clients and identify essential training needs before they become a compliance breach or risk.

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Our Recruitment, Induction & Training Pack contains all the documents needed to form a robust and structured employee programme and includes template forms, ready-to-use policies and procedures and employee assessments. Training and Competence is an essential business function regardless of the industry in which you operate, but for regulated firms it is even more important. Training & Competence is high on the FCA’s list of objectives and forms part of their rules and requirements handbook under the TC section.

Our employee Recruitment, Induction & Training Pack contains:-