Training Materials for FCA, AML & GDPR

Why Use In-House Training Packages?

Why PowerPoint? In today’s digital age, many commercial training sessions are now delivered via Learning Management Systems (LMS). These offer users the ability to complete training online, individually and in their own time. Whilst we advocate the use of LMS training in many categories, compliance is not one of them!

Regulatory Training PackagesWe know the benefit and importance of human interaction when it comes to delivering and understanding complex regulations and legislation. While online training has its positives, it loses the human element that is so often essential in ensuring that training is effective, adequate and absorbed. A sole user going through online pages and selecting answers is no substitute for group discussions, asking questions, interactive content and most of all – a trainer’s ability to see, watch and know when a trainee understanding or engaged.

Our training packages take into consideration all learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. They also utilise materials and techniques such as interactions, handouts, discussions and assessments to involve all trainees and ensure a successful learning environment.

Customisable Training Materials

As with all of the Know Your Compliance Limited products, our training packages are fully customisable. You are encouraged add or remove content as it applies to your business type and industry. You can also include PowerPoint features to enhance your sessions if required (i.e. add delays to bullet points so they appear individually with a mouse-click or use transitions on images and slides for a more interactive presentation)

If we update the training package in the future, you will receive the new version free of charge, so that your sessions remain relevant and up to date. We offer a range of in-house training packages which all include ready to use slides; extensive trainer notes; training guidance; trainee templates; session handouts and test papers with answers.

What Regulatory Training Packages Do We Offer?

Our current library of compliance training packages includes: –