Complaint Handling Q&A Test Papers

Compliance with the DISP and Financial Ombudsman Service rules is essential for regulated firms, who have an obligation to handle complaints effectively and fairly. Ensuring employees understand the FOS and the FCA’s DISP requirements is the only way to guarantee compliance. Testing employee knowledge and understanding enables you to spot gaps in their understanding and evidence compliance and awareness.

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Your staff need to understand how to handle complaints; whether they are FOS, FCA, GDPR or general business disputes, our Complaint Handling Q&A Test Papers cover areas such as acknowledgements, final responses, timeframes, deadlines, indidivuals rights and more. Ensuring that employees are confident and completent in handling complaints reduces resources, time and money.

Complaint Handling & Disputes Q&A Papers
TYPE: Employee Assessment SIZE: 17 pages
STYLE: 2 Papers – 20 Questions FORMAT: Word.doc
ABOUT: Papers come with marking system, beginner, intermediate and advanced style questions and extensive answers sheets for training as well as testing. Developed by PTLLS qualifed staff with dedicated expertise in regulatory compliance, these unique papers give you the ability to evidence your employee’s competence and development.