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Outsourcing & due diligence go hand in hand and are a firms responsibility when they outsource any function, service or process, to ensure the continued compliance and quality of such functions, especially when they are associated with any regulatory requirements. It is essential to have structured, compliant and robust Outsourcing & Supplier controls and measures in place to mitigate risks, ensure quality and protect customers.

Our compliant, user-friendly documents are ready-to-use, but are also fully customisable and are suitable for all industries and cover outsourcing procedures, due diligence questionnaires and agreement templates.

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Conflict of Interest Policy Template

£32.00 (ex vat)

All Document Templates

Due Diligence Policy Template

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£130.00 (ex vat)

All Document Templates

Introducer Agreement Template

£20.00 (ex vat)

All Document Templates

Outsourcing Policy Template

£28.00 (ex vat)