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Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is a concept first introduced by the Financial Services Association (FSA) and now adopted by its replacement The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It focuses on ensure fairness, clarity, transparency and due regard for consumers purchasing products/services in the financial, insurance and credit markets. There are 6 desired outcomes to ensure that consumer interests are both respected and regarded and organisations regulated by the FCA are expected to embed TCF into the fabric of their business processes, services and products.

The FCA will be expecting businesses to monitor, audit and evidence the treating customers fairly ethos and with the Know Your Compliance TCF campaign products, you can ensure that they 6 desired outcomes are on your employee’s minds throughout the day. Whether handling calls with customers, selling products online, sending our correspondance in letter, email or SMS format or promoting services face to face; our posters, screensavers, stickers and tent cards provide essential daily reminders.