Consultant Licence SchemeOver 4000 organisations use our policies and toolkits to underpin their regulatory compliance program and aid in meeting their obligations and legal standards. Know Your Compliance Limited are regulatory document providers and as such we do not provide a direct compliance consultancy service.

However, we do offer a Consultant Licence Scheme which enables individuals and businesses to utilise our policies and toolkits as part of their own service provision, saving time and money and meaning that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Under our Terms & Conditions all the documents and packages available on our website are for use within the company for whom they have been purchased only and cannot be reused, referenced, copied, sold or supplied to any external party or entity without our written permission. However, we do recognise that a growning number of consultants and service providers wish to use our documents with their own clients and as such we created our Consultant Licence Scheme back in 2018.

The scheme is simple to sign up for and means that those wanting to use our documents with any third-party have an agreement and licence in place with us, preventing inadvertantly breaching our terms and conditions. Any consultant or provider wishing to use our documents in any way other than for their own compliance obligations must contact us PRIOR to making a purchase and we will then ask you some simple questions about your industry, services, client volumes and usage requirements.

We have a number of businesses and individuals already using our licence scheme and utilising our policies, templates and toolkits as part of their service provision. Those using the scheme use our products in a number of ways, from reference materials and training content; through to resale and reuse provisions to support existing consultancy services.

Our licenced users come from a range of sectors and industries including information security service providers, GDPR/DPA18 consultants and FCA compliance specialists; through to risk management consultancies and anti-money laundering specialists.

Scheme Benefits Include:

  • Discounts (increasing with volume) & bulk buy options
  • Free annual updates
  • Free email support
  • High quality content and templates
  • Free from corporate branding
  • Fully customisable templates
  • Consistent formats and styles
  • Consultant database (addition to our database for any customer who asks for a consultant reccomendation in your field)

To enquire about our Consultant Licence Scheme* or to sign up, simply contact us by email and we will respond as soon as possible.

*PLEASE NOTE: Compliance consultants and service providers offering similar services to our own are under no obligation to take out a licence with us. However, if you do purchase any of our documents and do not require a licence, we will automatically send you a Usage Agreement that covers the T&C’s already signed when purchasing and specifying that you are not authorised to use any document or content purchased outside of your own compliance scope and our options for enforcing this. This is simply to protect our intellectual property and ensure that no third party has access to our documents without our permission or a valid licence.