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The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and entered into a transition period until the end of December 2020. During this period, the EU GDPR still applies to UK businesses processing personal data. The Government intends to incorporate the GDPR into the DPA18 (as the ‘UK GDPR’) which will be enforced after the transition period. Our GDPR policies and Toolkits comply with the GDPR and DPA18, so can be used both before and after the transition period, meaning you do not need to double up on costs or documents. Read our GDPR & Brexit article here.

Which GDPR/DPA18 Package is Right For You?

GDPR ToolkitThousands of organisations are using our extensive range of GDPR/DPA18 documents to assist in their data protection implementation, maintenance and compliance. It is important to understand that choosing the right GDPR policy or toolkit is not soley related to the size or scope of your organisation. Firms should be considering the type, format, volume and content of the personal data being processed, as well as assessing the existing measures and controls already in place.

GDPR & DPA18 Compliance: All documents contained in our packs have been written using the GDPR regulations and DPA18 legislation, so you can be sure of compliance with the mandatory data protection requirements. We also utilise the guidance provided by the ICO and EDPB to expand upon the basic materials and policies, providing firms with comprehensive data protection policies, procedures and working templates.

Every organisation is different, which is why we have developed 3 main data protection policy toolkits. For those processing standard personal data who wish to comply with the basic mandatory requirements, we provide a detailed DPA18/GDPR Policy Pack for just £95 (exc vat) policy pack; but also cover many extended and supporting data protection areas in our £399 (exc vat) GDPR Toolkit.

To see exactly what is included in each pack or toolkit, take a look below or feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

Compare Our GDPR/DPA18 Packages

£95 (exc vat)
Standard GDPR Policy & Procedure Pack
GDPR Guidance Document
Data Protection Policy
Retention & Erasure Policy
Data Breach Policy & Procedure
Breach Notification & Incident Form
International Transfer Procedures
Privacy Notice Template
Employee Privacy Notice Template
Consent & Parental Consent Templates
Subject Access Request Procedures
Information Audit Template
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£399 (exc vat)
Complete GDPR/DPA18 Toolkit with all data protection & supporting policies, procedures & templates.
Includes all documents listed in Policy Pack & Bundle plus...?
Processor Notification Template
GDPR Summary for Employees
2 x Employee Test Papers
Information Security Policy
Remote Access & BYOD Policy
Asset Management Policy
Access Control & Clear Desk Policies
Information Security Checklist
Complaint Handling Policy, Procedures & Forms
Due Diligence Questionnaire
Outsourcing & Supplier Policy
Staff Training Policy
Risk Management Policy
Audit Policy & Procedures
Business Continuity Plan
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PLEASE NOTE: The above sets are documents only and do not include our GDPR Staff Training Package, which can be purchased separately. However, you can also purchase our GDPR Document & Training Bundle at a cost £325 (exc vat) which includes the training package and GDPR Document Bundle.

SAMPLES: We know it is difficult knowing what you will get when you purchase compliance documents online, which is why we provide samples of our GDPR documents for you to read through prior to making a purchase. As our GDPR bundles offer different document levels, you can download a sample for each bundle option.