Data Breach Policy Template & Incident Form

Our Data Breach Policy Template also includes a Breach Incident Form Template and is a standalone document for those wanting to implement or update their data protection breach procedures. This template is also included in our complete GDPR Toolkits. Available to download instantly after payment.

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Data Breach Policy Template & Breach Incident Form

Our UK GDPR Data Breach Policy Template is fully customisable & can be purchased as a standalone document or is included in one of our comprehensive UK GDPR Toolkit Packages. Please note that this is an individual policy template that forms only part of the GDPR requirements.

A personal data breach is any incident of security, lack of controls, system or human failure or error that leads to, or results in, the destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data. The UK GDPR requires a ‘Privacy by Design’ approach to protecting data. This means in addition to ensuring a business complies with the UK GDPR technical and organisational measures, it also has controls for handling data breaches.

Recital 87 of the UK GDPR requires a firm to ascertained whether all appropriate technological protection and organisational measures have been implemented to establish immediately whether a personal data breach has taken place and to inform promptly the supervisory authority and the data subject. This Data Breach Policy Template and accompanying Breach Incident Form enable firms to customise the procedure areas and have professional, compliant content for dealing with data breaches.

Areas Covered in the Policy Template

  • Policy Statement
  • Purpose & Scope
  • Data Security & Breach Requirements
  • Objectives
  • Data Breach Procedures & Guidelines
  • Breach Monitoring & Reporting
  • Breach Incident Procedures
  • Identification of an Incident
  • Breach Recording & Risk Assessment
  • Human & System Error
  • Assessment of Risk and Investigation
  • Breach Notifications
  • Supervisory Authority Notification
  • Data Subject Notification
  • Record Keeping & Responsibilities
Sample UK GDPR Policy

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UK GDPR Data Protection involves implementing a suite of policies and procedures as opposed to being a standalone policy or document. If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive GDPR Policy Template or GDPR Document Toolkit, visit our GDPR Toolkits Page. We also include our complete information security toolkit within our market leading UK GDPR Document Toolkit, providing over 50 policy templates for data protection and information security compliance.

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