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It is a regulatory requirement under sections CONC 3 and COBS 4.2 (Promotions & Marketing) of the FCA Handbook, that any Consumer Credit regulated firm must have stringent and clear policies, procedures and controls in place for customer/client communication and financial promotions. Content in all communication and promotional materials must be clear, fair and not misleading and you have a duty of care as well as a regulatory obligation to ensure that this is that case

Firms also have strict obligations to abide by the FCA’s COBS sourcebook which details the Conduct of Business requirements for regulated firms. Such areas include Financial Promotions & Client Communication (CONC 3), Cancellation & Refunds (CONC 11), Pre-Contract Requirements (CONC 4), Distance Marketing (CONC 2.7) and Remuneration & Commissions (SYSC 19).