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FCA Application Templates & FCA Authorisation

Know Your Compliance Limited was founded in 2012 and incorporated in 2018 and have helped over 5000 organisations with compliance documents and policy templates We specialise in FCA templates and policies that are required by the FCA handbook, as well as providing GDPR, AML and Information Security templates.

Whether you are new to the financial market and are undergoing the FCA application process, or you are looking to upgrade your existing policy and procedure program, Know Your Compliance Limited can help. From our market leading FCA Compliance Manual, through to individual policy templates, we provide ready to use, fully customisable policies and procedures for all business types.

As we focus on providing high quality and professional policy templates to the thousands of organisations using us, we do not provide compliance consultancy services, as these require a 1-2-1 working knowledge of each business. However, we do have an extensive knowledge of the FCA requirements and handbook modules and other regulatory areas should hyou have any questions about our templates or the requirements.

FCA Compliance Program

The documents that make up your compliance program will be bespoke and customised to your firm (e.g. your BCP and DR), however the aim of many of the FCA rules is to ensure that a standardised and consistent approach is achieved by all FS and CC firms. As we are experts in the FCA handbook and sourcebooks, we have been able to develop the main mandatory documents as FCA policy templates that firms can purchase and customise to create their own compliance manual.

We understand that compliance is not a ‘one size fits all’ area and so emphasise to the thousands of organisations using our documents that customisation is essential. But there is no point spending time and money reinventing the wheel when we have done it for you!

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