Vulnerable Customers Policy & Procedures

Having a defined and structured Vulnerable Customers Policy in place is not only a regulatory requirement, it is an essential business function to ensure that the customers your are dealing with are treated in a fair and consistent manner and that any person considered as ‘vulnerable’ is dealt with according to a strict set of authorised procedures.

Understanding what is classed as a vulnerability and knowing how to alter engagement methods to accommodate these needs should be one of the core principles of your organisation, which is why we have now developed our unique Vulnerable Customers Policy & Procedure, which provides firms with robust and structured content, intent and steps, covering the most common vulnerable circumstances. This document helps to ensure both a firms compliance and ethical customer interactions.

£28.00 (ex vat)

There is no specific definition when it comes to dealing with people who could be classed as vulnerable and for that reason it is easy for employees and business practices to overlook those in need of extra support. Ensuring you can identify who is vulnerable and knowing how to provide a better service for these people is paramount in most industries, but especially so for debt collection, insurers, credit providers and financial service providers.

The Vulnerable Policy & Procedures contains (12 pages):


This digital document comes in a .doc format which allows amendments and corporate branding such as adding your logo and company name. You are also welcome to remove or add any sections that do/do not apply to your specific business requirements.