Treating Customers Fairly Q&A Test Papers

The Know Your Compliance quizzes have beginner, intermediate and advanced style questions across 2 test papers that have been developed by PTLLS qualifed staff and compliance experts. With extensive answer papers and marking gudiance, our unique compliance assessment Q&A’s help to test and train.

This 2 Test & Answer Paper document covers Treating Customers Fairly and the TCF Outcomes, and is fully customisable to suit every firms needs and requirements. Our Q&A’s are also available in our Bundle Set for extra savings and competency testing.

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The FCA have Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and its 6 desired outcomes as one of their main priorities, to ensure that consumer interests are respected and given due regard in relation to products and services. Our Treating Customers Fairly Q&A Test Papers help to prepare, test and train your employees in the TCF and its outcomes and ensuring that the principles are at the heart of all business processes, services and products.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Q&A Papers
TYPE: Employee Assessment SIZE: 17 pages
STYLE: 2 Papers – 20 Questions FORMAT: Word.doc
ABOUT: Papers come with marking system, beginner, intermediate and advanced style questions and extensive answers sheets for training as well as testing. Developed by PTLLS qualifed staff with dedicated expertise in regulatory compliance, these unique papers give you the ability to evidence your employee’s competence and development.