Vulnerable Customers Q&A Test Papers

The Know Your Compliance quizzes have beginner, intermediate and advanced style questions across 2 test papers that have been developed by PTLLS qualifed staff and compliance experts. With extensive answer papers and marking gudiance, our unique compliance assessment Q&A’s help to test and train.

This 2 Test & Answer Paper document covers Vulnerable Customers and is fully customisable to suit every firms needs and requirements. Our Q&A’s are also available in our Bundle Set for extra savings and competency testing.

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KYC have developed these exclusive Vulnerable Customers Q&A Test Papers to assess an employees knowledge, understanding and competency with regards to specific compliance areas. Complete with extensive answers and guidance information, we provide you with 2 individual test papers to deliver on a rolling basis, alomg with marking guidance and a scoring system.


There is no specific definition when it comes to dealing with people who could be classed as vulnerable and for that reason it is easy for employees and business practices to overlook those in need of extra support. Our exclusive Q&A papers and detailed answer sheets provide firms with the ability to test staff knowledge and understanding in their key FCA compliance area.