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Privacy & Cookie Policy

At Know Your Compliance we respect and understand the importance of your privacy and only ever collect, process and store information with consent. The Data Protection Act 1998 relates to the ‘personal information’ of individuals and whilst 99% of our business is B2B, we treat all information processed by us in accordance with the DPA principles. We are on the Data Protection Register to ensure compliance for the individuals, sole traders and/or partnerships who purchase from us and ensure consistent and unwaivering compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and forthcoming GDPR.

The Information We Collect and Process

The only infomation we collect and process is by customer provision: –

  • During the purchase of any products
  • Through use of our contact form
  • Providing an email address to subscribe to our newsletter
  • Information provided to us by enquirers

Due to the nature of the products we offer, our customers are mainly commercial entities and provide commercial contact details. However, for the purposes of sole trader, partnerships and/or where a company individual uses their personal information to make a purchase, we adhere to the consent and processing rules under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information we collect for orders is just company name/name, address, email and telephone number (optional). All payments are processed through the customers choice of SagePay or PayPal and we do not process or retain any financial information. Contact details are stored in a secure database for the sole purposes of accounting and order history.

We will never sell, publish or pass on any personal information provided to us and have strong ethics and practices when it comes to emails and marketing material, because we hate spam as much as everyone else. We only request and retain data for the below reasons and provide easy to see and use opt-out options on any marketing emails.

Newsletter Email

We send a weekly email newsletter with compliance updates, our products and changes to the laws and regulations. Companies can sign up to receive this by submitting their email address on our homepage and we also sent updates to commercial firms who may benefit from using our products or receiving industry specific compliance updates. The only information used with out third-party newsletter provider is email address and we ensure an easy to see and use opt-out link is provided in every newsletter. Where recipients have opted out of receiving mail, we retain a secure copy of their email address to enable our strict ‘no-send’ policy, which uses a permanent rejection list so that the email can never be re-added.

Security and Compliance

At Know Your Compliance we obviously have a high regard for the compliance rules and regulations and believe that the minimum standards should not be what a company aspires to achieve. The maximum compliance in every area affords both us and our customers a safe, secure and compliant environment and ensures that we lead by example.

Although all payments on our website are processed by SagePay, who are industry leading payment gateway providers with exceptional security measures and controls in place; we are still fully PCI compliant through the TrustWave authentification assessment and carry an up-to-date validation certificate on our website at all times.

We have also recently urgraded to use an SSL Certificate for our full website, providing the https authentification to ensure site-wide security. We are proud to display the green secure padlock next to our domain name, which provides a full level of protection for customers when they add their contact details or log in to their account with us.


A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. When you visit a site that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded onto your computer/mobile device so that the next time you visit that site, your device will remember useful information such as items added in the shopping cart, visited pages or logging in options.

Most modern websites use cookies in some way, however as most of our customers already know, at KYC we take compliance and privacy very seriously. That is why we always go above and beyond the minimum requirements. Our site relies on cookies so that companies can sign up to our newsletter and use our contact form, but most importantly so that new and existing customers can checkout and/or log in. These are trusted cookies direct from our website.

We recently took the decision to remove all other third party cookies from our website, including our Facebook ‘Like’ button, Linkedin follow and even our Google Analytics. We know that these cookies are perfectly valid and are used by 99% of the websites on the internet, however our policy is that if it is not essential for us to collect it or store it, we won’t. We would rather you have limited cookies stored on your device that get a ‘like’!

We have the mandatory ‘Cookie Notice’ which is displayed for all new visitors to the site, allowing them to continue with cookie use consent and/or to visit this policy page to see how and why we use cookies. Cookies make your online browsing an easier, more efficient experience and are nothing to be scared of (if used responsibly by the site owner). The ‘Cookie Notice’ prompts on websites might make some users wary, however this prompt is a legal requirement and also enables you to access pages such as this to gain more information.

You can of course still change how cookies are stored on your machine or block them altogether by clicking on the ‘Tools’ menu in your internet browser, however some functions of our website will not work without the use of cookies.


This privacy and cookie policy may change or be updated at any time and is always available to read on our website.