Why Use a Complaint Policy Template?

Client and complaints office folderIt is an essential business practice for organisations to have a formal complaints procedure in place. A complaint handling policy and procedure ensures that any issue or complaint raised by a customer is handled effectively, fairly and in a consistent manner. It also allows firms to assess any patterns or areas that cause repeated issues so that the employee, service or product concerned can be addressed.

Know Your Compliance Limited have developed a robust, compliant and efficient Complaint Handling Procedure template that comes with a customisable policy; complaints procedure checklist; suite of complaint response letter templates, a complaint handling record form and a register for recording all complaints. Based on the high standards of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FoS), but customised to suit all industries, our Complaints Procedure Templates are used by hundreds of organisations, from retail and banking, through to public bodies, schools and hundreds of SME’s.

Complaint Response Letter Suite

Our suite of complaint response templates allow businesses to quickly and efficiently format responses to a variety of complaints, whilst ensuring that the timeframes and content is compliant and effective. The templates cover: –

  • Informal Acknowledgment
  • Informal Acknowledgment & Final Response
  • Complaint Acknowledgement
  • 4-Week Holding Letter
  • 8-Week Holding Letter
  • Final Response – Complaint Upheld
  • Final Response – Complaint Rejected
Juggling Complaint Handling

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