Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Interactive Dashboard & Guidance Manual

The TCF Dashboard is ready-to-use and comes in an Excel format that is fully compatible with Excel 2010 and higher. Providing an extensive, drop-down box audit questionnaire, the dashboard auto-populates once you have completed all audit questions and provides you with versatile, at-a-glance charts, graphs and data sets that show progress, outcome compliance, training provisions and business process functionality against the TCF standards.

Recently updated, our dashboard is easy to use and comes with an instruction document with full guidance for completed, saving and maintaining the results. As the dashboard is in an Excel format, it can also be displayed on large screen to show your ongoing TCF compliance.

£99.00 (ex vat)

NEW: The Dashboard product now includes our 40-page TCF Guidance Manual to help firms develop and implement a structured and compliant Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) program.

Our exclusive TCF Interactive Dashboard is a fantastic way of completing a TCF self-assessment audit and displaying the results in easy to see, use and read charts, tables and graphs. With over 80 questions across 9 business areas, you can identify gaps, assess your progress against the TCF outcomes and record your overall TCF compliance progress.

Using our interactive 4 point rating scheme to assess your compliance level in each area, the audit results are then automatically calculated and measured against the predefined outcomes to populate the detailed dashboard tools and data sets. All formulas, functions and calculations have been inserted into the predefined data set tab, meaning that you can complete the interactive audit and see the populated dashboard instantly. We have also added tabs for measuring audit result progress and TCF employee training figures, giving you a complete approach to embedding the TCF standards, outcomes and ethos into your workplace.

This section can either be used with the Know Your Compliance Training Packages which includes the employee Assessment Quiz, or you can use your own compliance training programs and staff assessment methods. The final and most used section is the Main Dashboard tab, which not only gives the user instructions on how to complete and use the dashboard overall and detailed coverage of the 4 point rating system; it also provides gap analysis, data collation and at-a-glance visual chart progress for all of the other areas covered on the dashboard. Consisting of an Annual Compliance Progress Chart, An Area Compliance Rating Graph and an Overall Compliance Score for the applicable area that the dashboard relates to.