Brexit & Remaining GDPR Compliant

Will the UK have a deal with the EU before October 31st? As of writing this post the answer is still uncertain and so it is essential that firms of all sizes with obligations under the GDPR ensure that they are fully compliant with the Regulation.

The UK Government have already confirmed that the GDPR will be written into UK law after Brexit (with much of the existing DPA18 mirroring the regulation already). The UK is committed to maintaining the high standards of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and so a firms’ best way of ensuring they are prepared for the ‘deal or no deal’ senario, is to comply with the existing Regulation.

Know Your Compliance Limited have provided GDPR data protection documents to some of the UK’s largest organisations and bodies and continue to offer compliance and extensive GDPR/DPA18 document packs and Toolkits. With over 3000 organisations using our regulatory documents, we are one of the leading providers of regulatory documents and manuals.

We have developed 3 main GDPR bundles because not all organisations will need the same documents and some will already have the supporting policies included in our Toolkit in place. Starting from just £95 (exc vat), our GDPR Policy Pack, GDPR Bundle and extensive GDPR Toolkit will include all of the documents and templates needed to ensure compliance with the GDPR and DPA18.

Below are some of the policies, procedures and templates included in the packages that we have available. Whether you are looking to review your existing data protection program or are now required to comply with the GDPR and/or DPA18; we have data protection templates and policies to suit every industry and business type.

  • GDPR Guidance Document
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Retention & Erasure Policy
  • Data Breach Policy & Procedure
  • Breach Notification & Incident Form
  • International Transfer Procedures
  • Privacy Notice Template
  • Employee Privacy Notice Template
  • Consent & Parental Consent Templates
  • Subject Access Request Procedures
  • Information Audit Template
  • GDPR Implementation Plan
  • Privacy Notice Register
  • Processing Activities Register
  • DPO Duties
  • GDPR Compliance Statement
  • Legitimate Interests Assessment
  • Processor Agreement Template
  • GDPR Compliance Checklist
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment

The ICO have also published extensive information about Brexit and compliance with the GDPR and DPA18, which can be found on their website.