Free Complaint Handling Process

Complaint Handling Process Templates

What is Complaint Handling? Successful complaint handling means giving customers a forum to raise concerns and issues in a simple and meaningful way. Mistakes happen! The best way to deal with them is to resolve them and learn from them. Complaints are not about assigning blame or pointing the finger! Free complaint handling process article. […]

How To Write a Complaints Procedure

Regardless of the industry or sector you work in, having a structured and effective Complaints Procedure is an imperative part of good customer service. Most complaint handling procedures follow a similar pattern which include acknowledgments, timeframes, investigation processes and final responses. Some business types are regulated or governed by a professional body and will have […]

Complaint Procedure Template

Every business needs a structured complaint procedure template. Most importantly, a complaint handling procedure should support a method of review and improvement.

Alongside a procedure, using a complaint handling log allows for patterns to be identified. This in turn, enables a company to prevent similar issues from arising in the future. Simply put, complaint procedure templates, logs and complaint response examples offer consistency and clarity.

Write an Effective Complaint Procedure Template

Complaints are unfortunately a part of any organisation! Having a robust and effective complaint handling procedure is therefore an essential business practice. Some issues are minor and can be resolved instantly, in an informal manner. Others require the use of a formal complaint process with an investigation and response. For most businesses, it is imperative […]

Coronavirus & Complaint Handling

Governing bodies have stressed how essential it is to have complete and robust compliance programs in place, with emphasis on data protection, information security, vulnerable customers and complaint handling. In these difficult times, people are extremely stressed and anxious, which may lead to additional complaints where service or product expectations have not been met. Whilst […]