SMCR for Solo-Regulated Firms

The FCA have now extended the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) to approx 47,000 firms from 9th December 2019, which includes senior managers and certification staff within those firms. The extension of the SMCR aims to make Senior Managers and certain employees within financial services organisations accountable for their own actions and competence. Those […]

Due Diligence Policy & Questionnaires

Carrying out effective and compliant due diligence is not just for businesses with obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 or for those authorised or supervised by the FCA or HMRC. Most firms will be required to complete due diligence on suppliers, customers and/or employees to meet business and sometimes legal obligations. It is essential […]

SMCR Deadline Extension

The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) replaced the Approved Persons Regime (APR) for solo-regulated firms from 9th December 2019. Firms with obligations under the SM&CR have until 9th December 2020 to ensure: – all relevant staff are trained on the Conduct Rules and how they apply to their roles all staff in certified roles […]

FCA Compliance Manual

Know Your Compliance Limited offer the most comprehensive and compliant FCA Compliance Manual on the market and have already helped thousands of regulated firms to gain FCA authorisation and maintain their ongoing compliance. We are experts in regulatory policy development and have created a large portfolio of policies, procedures, templates, employee assessment papers, training packages […]

Anti-Money Laundering Policy Toolkit

For organisations operating a business in the financial sector, registering with an anti-money laundering scheme is mandatory. Some businesses and individuals must register with a Supervisory Authority (i.e. FCA, HMRC, Gambling Commission), following both their rules and those under the anti-money laundering regulations. The Money Laundering Regulations (MLR17), including the 2019 updates, provide businesses and […]

SMCR Conduct Rules | Conduct Rules Training

Under the FSMA, the FCA were given powers to write Conduct Rules that would apply to most of the employees within a firm. Applied to the banking sector in 2016, the FCA have now extended the Senior Managers Regime to apply to all solo-regulated firms from 9th December 2019. The enforceable Conduct Rules set out […]

Appropriate Policy Document Template

The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA18) outlines the requirement for an Appropriate Policy Document (APD) to be in place when processing special category and/or criminal offence data under certain specified conditions. In November 2019, the ICO published a template for this document that can be easily customised and used by businesses to meet the requirements […]

SM&CR Templates

The FCA are now bringing in their Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) for solo-regulated firms (those regulated by the FCA only), which will apply from 9th December 2019. This regime will replace those already regulated under the Approved Persons Regime and already applies to UK banks, building societies, credit unions and the largest investment […]

SM&CR Compliance | FCA Documents | SMCR Toolkit

SMCR implementation does not have to be complex or expensive. Know Your Compliance Limited were the first company to develop FCA policies, procedures and manuals; offering our services and documents before the FCA took over regulation in this area.  Our SMCR Toolkit has been designed to meet the regimes solo-regulated firm obligations and covers the core, […]