Business Compliance

Know Your Compliance specialises in developing regulatory business compliance policies, procedures, checklists and training packages to suit organisations of all types and sizes. Our business compliance documents are used by hundreds of organisations from sectors including education, healthcare, finance, government departments, recruitment, consultants and High Street names. Sole traders through to global organisations use our policies and procedures to build or supplement their compliance program; making us an industry leader in compliance document provision.

Specialising in mandatory business compliance areas including anti-money laundering & financial crime, complaint handling, information security, data protection (GDPR), risk management, business continuity, staff training & induction and more. Our background lies in developing policies and procedures for the financial services industry, but over the past 5 years we have expanded to cover supporting compliance programs for most business types and sectors.

Our documents are ready-to-use for ease of implementation into any organisation, but can also be customised and corporate branded to meet your specific business needs. Supplied using the Microsoft Office Suite, you are free to edit and add to the policies and procedures, easily turning them from ‘shelf-bought’ documents, into an integral part of your compliance program.

Our popular documents (i.e. GDPR) are provided instantly after payment via a download link, with other products being supplied by email shortly after purchase. All come with detailed instructions for customisation, use and maintaining compliance; we are also always on hand to offer expert advice where needed. We have grouped our business compliance documents into the below categories for ease of locating what you need.