Information Security Policy Toolkit

Information Security PoliciesHaving robust and structured information security policies and a detailed ISMS program are essential to every business, regardless of its size or scope. Information security is a broad area of compliance that protects information, data, systems, people, entities and the business itself from external or internal threats. These threats can be risk related, physical or system attacks, viruses or malware, and only through having compliant controls and measures in place can organisations limit or remove such security vulnerabilities.

What is an Information Security Policy?

An Information Security Policy provides an organisation, its employees and the entities with whom it works with guidance, objectives and instructions for how the business and its systems are protected and what measures have been put into place in each area to mitigate any identified threats or vulnerabilities. The IS Policy also points to other, more detailed policies such as those listed on the right. This list is not exhaustive, but demonstrates the main areas covered by an Information Security Program.

  • Firewall Policy
  • Malware & Anti-Virus Policy
  • Access Control Policy
  • Asset Management Policy
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Remote Working Policy
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Clear Desk Policy
  • Password Policy
  • Secure Disposal Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy


GDPR Data ProtectionFirms are encouraged to complete risk assessments of their business areas, which in turn provides the basis for the Information Security Program, providing valuable management information and gap analysis reports on which areas are high risk or vulnerable. This then enables the organisation to put measures and controls into place to mitigate the risks associated with such threats or vulnerabilities.

Many organisations choose to have their information security policies and measures assessed and to gain certifcation to offer additional evidence to third parties that they have adequate and effective controls in place to protect information and counteract areas of vulnerability. These certifications include Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001.

Government schemes such as Cyber Essentials help organisations to guard against the most common cyber threats and enable them to demonstrate their commitment to information and cyber security.

Information Security Toolkit
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Information Security Policy
Firewall Policy
Access Control & Password Policy
Anti-Virus & Malware Policy
BYOD & Remote Access Policy
Asset Management Policy
Clear Desk Policy
Email Usage & Archive Policy
Secure Disposal Policy
Info Security Checklist
Info Asset Register Template
BCP Template
Non-Disclosure Template
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Know Your Compliance Limited have developed an extensive Information Security Policy Toolkit that can help businesses to implement their own information security program without having to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Our policies are ready to use, but also fully customisable in all areas. 

The policies contained in the Information Security Toolkit also help firms to meet some of the main certification requirements in areas such as Cyber Essentials and ISO27001.

Documents are available to download instantly after payment has been made and we include the first annual update free of charge. Our documents are used by over 4000 organisations and provide professional, compliant and relevant content for businesses in all industries.

As every organisation is different, so to is applying adequate controls and measures for effective information security, which is why all of our documents are fully customisable and enable you to add, remove or update the content to suit your own business needs, requirements and obligations.

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