GDPR Compliance Checklist Tool


Our extensive GDPR Audit Checklist & Gap Analysis tool comes in 2 formats (Excel & Word) and covers 130+ assessment questions (with over 230 requirements). The Excel version uses filters to enable easy access and reporting on gap areas, with the Word checklist being preferred by those in smaller firms or preferring a hard-copy auditing option.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies in the UK from 25th May 2018, enforcing stronger, tighter controls & measures for protecting personal data and the rights of individual’s.

Our extensive GDPR Compliance Checklist comes in Excel and Word formats, with over 130 assessment questions (meeting over 230 requirements) and providing the ability to assess, review and evidence your data protection compliance and commitement to the GDPR standards and principles.

Developed using the Regulation Articles and Recitals, as well as guidance documents and opinions from the ICO and Article 29 Working Party, our GDPR data protection checklist is a thorough GDPR assessment tool, with filter features for easy selection and reporting of gaps and non-compliant areas.

This document also includes our exclusive Information Audit template and links to our free GDPR resources. If you are considering purchasing multiple GDPR documents, visit our GDPR Document Set to see our complete document bundle.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Checklist
TYPE: Audit Checklist & Gap Analysis SIZE: 34 pages (Word) 3 Tabs (Excel)
FEATURES Gap Analysis, Reporting, Action Plan Template FORMAT: Word.doc & Excel
Assessment Sections:
GDPR Overview Using the Audit Checklist Action Plan
Governance & Accountability Information Audits Data Protection Officer
Privacy by Design Pseudonymisation & Encryption Secure Processing
GDPR Principles Processing Activities Lawfulness of Processing
Privacy Impact Assessments Conditions for Consent Information Disclosures
Privacy Notices Request Timeframes & Format Data Subject Rights
Third Country Transfers Appropriate Safeguards Commission Adequecy Decisions
Sharing & Disclosures Request Timeframes Data Breaches & Notofications
Training & Competency Audits & Monitoring Records & Reporting