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Due Diligence Policy TemplateDue diligence templates allow for the effective development and implementation of a company’s Know Your Customer controls and due diligence measures. Offering content for the assessment, investigation and review of products, services, business activities and people, our due diligence policy templates are used by thousands of organisations already.

Know Your Compliance Limied are market leaders when it comes to compliance templates and we include templates for due diligence questionniares and a Know Your Customer (KYC) checklist in this toolkit. Our Due Diligence Toolkit has now been updated to include policies and templates for complying with the MLR third-party reliance rules and guidance

Due Diligence Templates & Toolkits

How an organisation reviews and documents its relationship with suppliers, customers and employees is mandatory for many industries and also forms part of the Anti Money Laundering (AML) obligations held by many firms.

Effective due diligence controls can be time consuming to write, so our templates enable firms from any setor to hit the ground running and customise the existing compliant content to suit their business type and needs.

We’ve recently expanded our due diligence range with the addition of our Due Diligence, Risk & Outsourcing Toolkit!

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Includes Bespoke Due Diligence Know Your Customer Questionnaires

Our Due Diligence Toolkit contains 4 complete questionnaires for screening and due diligence checks on businesses, individuals, suppliers and employees. Asking all of the mandatory questions and providing guidance on the documents and evidence you should request.

For those authorised by the FCA, customer due diligence (CDD) checks are a mandatory requirement, as well as an obligation under the financial crime rules. The FCA Handbook provides guidance on what constitutes standard and enhanced due diligence, with our templates covering all requirements.

Due Diligence Policy Template | Know Your Customer Controls | Anti Money Laundering (AML) Toolkit | Due Diligence Screening