Wind-down Planning Policy Templates

  • Comply with WDPG Requirements
  • 32-page Wind-down Plan Template
  • 17-page Wind-down Planning Policy
  • Excel Plan Review Template
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Wind-down Planning Policy Templates

This set of 3 templates aids compliance with the FCA’s Wind-down Planning Guidance (WDPG) rules and suggestions. For those firms with obligations udner the WDPG, this exclusive set of Wind-down Planning Templates will help you to document your wind-down plan and assess the relevent risks, impacts and recovery options. The set contains an extensive 32-page Wind-down Plan Template that covers the mandatory areas set out by the regulator. Use these templates in conjunction with your existing operational resilience framework to ensure you can provide clear, timely and relevant communications to stakeholders and identify your important business services.

NOTE: This is a standalone template pack for wind-down planning and does not include the support operational resilience, communications or stakeholder policies and templates. If you require templates for all other operational resilience compliance in addition to the WDP, please visit our Operational Resilience Toolkit.

Wind-down Planning Policy Templates Overview

Some firms applying for FCA authorisation are required to have and submit a wind-down plan during their application or if already authorised, to have an maintain the plan for the duration of their permission. The FCA expects firms to consider, identify and document relevant scenarios that could lead to financial stress, exiting the market or any other situation that may result in the business winding down. This set includes extensive templates for a Wind-down Plan and Policy covering many of the regulators mandatory areas.

  • Provides ready-to-use, customisable templates in Word and Excel for easy editing and corporate branding.
  • Includes templates covering requirements for impact assessments, risk metrics, recovery options, resource planning and more.
  • Document and evidence your Wind-down Plan and demonstrate an effective strategy to regulators and stakeholders.
  • Includes an extensive 32-page template for a Wind-down Plan with areas ready to populate and customise as well as essential guidance.

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  • Template Customisation Guidance
  • 17-Page Wind-down Planning Policy Template
  • 32-Page Wind-down Plan Template
  • Excel Review Log Template

Frequently Asked Questions...

All templates have been developed using the latest version of Microsoft Office. Word, Excel and Poweroint are universally compatible with a large number of document editing software, including OpenOffice and GoogleDocs.

All templates can be corporate branded and are fully customisable. The documents also come with detailed guidance on how to use Microsoft Office to edit the templates and insert your own content where applicable.

The templates are developed in Microsoft Office Word and are fully customisable and ready for corporate branding. They are compatible with most text editing software. Checklists and assessment templates are provided in an Excel format.

All of our AML templates, toolkits and training packages have been developed by experts using the requirements set out under the Money Laundering Regulations (including the latest amendments). The content also pulls from the rules and guidance set out by governing bodies and Supervisory Authorities. This includes the HMRC, FCA, Gambling Commission and the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG).

Our AML templates and training materials are suitable for any business type or industry. Where sector specific customisations are required, we have noted these within the templates. As the content covers most of the MLR rules and requirements, some sections may not be relevant to your size or industry. However, these areas have been highlighted and can either be removed or customised.

Every business is different and compliance documents need to reflect that. Whilst our templates and toolkits go a long way toward making you compliant, many of our documents do require some customisation to ensure that they are relevant to you. Our templates provide a strong foundation on which to build your compliance framework. Our extensive template content coupled with your customisations will ensure that you are compliant with the relevant legislation, codes of conduct, standards or regulations

It is important that each policy and procedure accurately reflects exactly what your business does and how it does it. The level of customisation required for each document will depend upon factors such as your size, scope and current compliance program. However, we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide unlimited email support.

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At Know Your Compliance Limited we are passionate about regulatory compliance! Our team has over 20 years experience and expertise in regulatory compliance and policy development. Serving a wide range of industries and business types, over 6000 organisations already use our templates and toolkits. We have delivered professional, compliant templates to hundreds of industries; including accountants, tax advisors, education and healthcare sectors, the NHS, Government departments, finance and credit, recruitment, charities, banks, estate agents and thousands of SME’s and sole traders.many more.

We offer a large library of templates for regulatory policies, procedures, checklists, toolkits, manuals and training packages. Utilising Microsoft Office for compatibility and easy customisation, we provide editing and usage guidance with all templates. When paying by credit/debit card, all documents are available to download instantly and come with the first annual update included in the price.

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Communication Strategy Policy & Plan Templates Overview

If you have obligations under the FCA’s SYSC 15A module, you must develop and maintain an internal and external communication strategy. The aim of the strategy is to communicate effectively and efficiently with employees, clients, suppliers, stakeholders and regulators. Lines of communication are an essential part of a firms’ operational resilience. The templates in this pack should be used in conjunction with your Important Business Services Assessment so that you can accurately document how stakeholders should be communicated with.

  • Provides ready-to-use, customisable templates in Word and Excel for easy editing and corporate branding.
  • Includes the FCA’s mandatory requirements for communicating with stakeholders during and after an operational disruption.
  • Document your communication strategy and demonstrate effective communication plans for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Includes an interactive Excel based Stakeholder Analysis Template with example sheet.

Why Choose Us?

  • Market leading templates & tools
  • Affordable & fully customisable
  • Used by over 9,500 organisations
  • Developed by experts
  • 20+ years experience & knowledge
  • Compliant, professional templates
  • Save time and money
  • Suitable for FCA regulated firms.
  • Template Customisation Guidance
  • 8-Page Communication Strategy Policy Template
  • Internal Communication Plan Template
  • External Communication Plan Template
  • Excel Stakeholder Anaylsis Tool

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