Change Management Policy Template

Change Management is the effective, risk mitigating and ethical approach to managing change within your business and is an essential business function. All changes should follow a specific set of procedures and should be recorded on a Change Management Log for risk assessment, evidence and auditing purposes.

Changes can be in relation to staff, roles, tasks, processes, documents or systems and can have an impact of how the business performs and functions, so it is important to carry out risk and impact assessments and complete RFC forms prior to implementing any changes.

Our document set has been developed by professionals who have financial services and consumer credit experience of change management at a senior level and the documents provide you with exact steps and procedures to follow for all business changes. With 14 pages in total, you can be assured of quality and effectiveness in this document set, which enables you to evidence your ongoing commitment to legal and contractual requirements and obligations.

The set provides a detailed policy which gives the business’s statement of intent as it relates to change management and also provides the scope and responsibilities. The detailed and extensive procedure provides step by step guidance and advice on developing, implementing and managing change for both IT, System, Information, Staff and Process change and gives details on completing the accompanying Request for Change (RFC) form and associated Change Management Log.

Our professional Records Management Document Set contains:-

  • Change Management Policy – 4 pages
  • Change Management Procedures – 6 pages
  • Change Management Log – 2 pages
  • Request For Change Form (RFC) – 2 pages

These digital documents come in a .doc format which allows amendments and corporate branding such as adding your logo and company name. You are also welcome to remove or add any sections that do/do not apply to your specific business requirements.

FORMAT – Word Doc format  emailed to customer after payment has been made.

£45.00 (ex vat)

Our Change Management Policy Template forms part of every businesses contractual requirements. Change management is the systematic approach to dealing with change and transitioning both the organisation and its staff through to a desired future state by implementing changes within processes, documents, tasks, roles or systems. This fully customisable policy template contains ready to use content and guidance for effective change management process control.

The set includes: –

  • Instruction & Customisation Guidance 
  • Request for Change Form (RFC)
  • Change Management Log
  • Change Management Policy & Procedure Template
    • Policy Statement
    • Purpose & Scope
    • What is Change Management?
    • Objectives
    • Change Management Procedures
      • Document, Process and IT Change Management
      • Types of Changes
      • Request for Change (RFC)
      • Business Risk & Impact Analysis
      • Implementing the Change
    • Staff and Role Change Management
      • Task or Process Reallocation
      • Restructuring
      • Post-Restructuring Review
      • Redundancy
    • Responsibilities

Documents are available as an instant download as soon as payment has been.

Documents come in a Microsoft Office format and are fully customisable. You can edit all text, add content, remove sections and change the layout to suit your needs.

Includes customisation and corporate branding guidance for easy editing and updating.

Free updates for the first year, providing revisions or new documents in an easy to add format and keeping your documents up-to-date and compliant.

Developed by a team with over 19 years regulatory compliance experience and FCA expertise.

Suitable for all organisations and industries.