Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure

It is both a legal and regulatory requirement for companies to have a clear and defined Whistleblowing Policy in place.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 offers certain rights and protection to any individual who witnesses or is concerned about illegal activities taking place within a business and a Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure sets out a firms intent and objectives for how the act of whistleblowing and those disclosing a concern are supported and dealt with.

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Having a Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure in place that your employees are familiar with and can follow is a requirement for businesses. You should be seeking to support and respect any individual who raises a concern regarding illegal activities within your firm and a robust and structured policy in this area will help to demonstrate your commitment to fair, honest and transparent business practices.

If you are a regulated company, coming under the governance of the FCA and/or PRA, it is also a regulatory requirement under  handbook section SYSC 18 that you have a Whistleblowing Policy in place. Our Whistleblowing Policy, Procedure & Incident Form covers all necessary policy areas, processes and complaint recording requirements and meets both the legal and regulatory expectations for whistleblowing.