GDPR Staff Awareness Training

Most employees should already be aware of their data protection obligations and how they can ensure that personal data is protected and processing lawfully. However, the GDPR brings with it numerous changes and additions that all staff must be aware of – which is why we have created this in-house GDPR Staff Training Package. It covers all the new Regulations’ Articles and Recitals as well as drawing on the ICO and WP29 guidance papers. Our unique GDPR Staff Awareness Training package enables organisations and trainers to delivery their own GDPR data protection training session for a one-off cost. Without paying for expensive external trainer or repeat user licence fees, our data protection staff training package provides a 90-minute session covering the essential GDPR and Data Protection Bill knowledge and understanding to ensure that employee know and can demonstrate compliant handling of personal information and data subject’s rights. Take a look at our GDPR Staff Training Package page for more details.