Outsourcing & Supplier Policy & Procedures

It is a firms responsibility when they outsource any business service or process, to ensure the continued compliance and quality of such functions, especially when they are associated with any regulatory requirements. Having an Outsourcing & Supplier Policy & Procedure document is an essential business practice and you will not find a more comprehensive document than ours.

£28.00 (ex vat)

To comply with both statutory and regulatory requirements, it is essential to have a structured and robust Outsourcing Policy & Procedure document within your firm. You should aim to have a policy section that details your statement of intent, purpose, overview and objectives for outsourced business and due diligence and follow this up with extensive and detailed outsourcing procedures.

Our Outsourcing & Supplier Policy & Procedures document is 12 pages in length and provides comprehensive and ready-to-use content and procedures that give exact steps for firms and their staff on vendor selection, evaluation, RFI’s and RFP, then through to the due diligence and commitment stage. We have also included our own exclusive Outsourcing Functions Register so that firms can compliment their supplier list and evidence their outsourcing commitments and ongoing monitoring.


This digital document comes in a .doc format which allows amendments and corporate branding such as adding your logo and company name. You are also welcome to remove or add any sections that do/do not apply to your specific business requirements. The documents are available to download as soon as payment has been made.