Due Diligence Policy & Questionnaire Templates

Most businesses are required to carry out some form of due diligence in meeting their regulatory, contractual or legal obligations and to mitigate the risks associated with standard business relationships such as working with suppliers, customers, employees and other third parties. Carrying out effective and adequate due diligence also helps to protect an organisations’ customers […]

Risk Management Policy Template

A risk management program is an essential part of any organisations compliance regime and provides a multifaceted approach to identifying, evaluating, preventing and monitoring risk at an internal and external level. All organisations are subject to a certain level of risk from areas such as money laundering, data protection and information security. However, some businesses […]

£37,805,400 FCA Fine for AML Failures

Last month, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) handed out a £37,805,400 fine to the London branch of Commerzbank AG for significant failings related to anti-money laundering controls and measures. This costly fine included a 30% discount, as the firm offered to settle at an early stage of the investigation. The full fine without an early […]