Write a Due Diligence Policy

When you write a due dilience policy from scratch, it is important to understand your aims and obligations. Identify if you have any specific regulations or industry requirements for the Know Your Customer Controls. Businesses with obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations will want to write a due diligence policy that ties in with their […]

Anti-Money Laundering Policy Toolkit

Why would you need an Anti-Money Laundering Policy Toolkit? For many UK organisations, registering with an anti-money laundering scheme is mandatory. Those with oversight for money laundering prevention are referred to as a Supervisory Authority. Examples of such authorities include the FCA, HMRC and the Gambling Commission. It is mandatory for those with AML obligations […]

Due Diligence Templates

Due diligence is the assessment, investigation and review of a product, service, business, individual or third-party. It involves validating those with whom organisations form a working relationship in order to ensure that they are verified and suitable. Due diligence is one of the foundations of any business and is mandatory in many regulated sectors. In […]