ICO GDPR Assessment for Controllers & Processors

The ICO are replacing their existing GDPR checklist with 2 new versions, one for data controllers, and another for processors. The controller checklist is available now, with the processor version being released tomorrow (6th Dec). The checklists are designed to assess your compliance with data protection legislation and includes areas such as the new rights of individuals, handling subject access requests, consent, data breaches and DPOs.

Visit the ICO website to complete the GDPR checklists. Our own GDPR Compliance Checklist provides an extensive gap analysis tool in Excel and Word for assessing your compliance with the Regulation requirements and for identifying gaps and areas for improvement before the GDPR comes into force. However, we have also designed the sections and questions to be beneficial after the Regulation is enforced, allowing the checklist to be used as a compliance tool during review audits.