Information Security Policy Template

There has never been a more important time to ensure that your Information Security program is compliant, robust and effective. With more and more employees working remotely and the far reaching connectivity of the digital age; securing systems, data and processes is an essential business practice.

Whether you are looking to gain certification in schemes such as Cyber Essentials or ISO27001, or you simply want to strengthen your existing information security framework; Know Your Compliance Limited provide industry leading compliance policies and templates to over 4000 organisations from a vast array of sectors.

IT Infastructure Certification

Protecting your business and customers from digital and technological threats is not only mandatory for many industries, but it also speaks to your reputation and ethics. Schemes such as Cyber Essentials can help firms to protect themselves by developing and implementing a set of basic technical controls in areas such as IT infastructure, firewalls, virus and malware protection. ISO27001 goes slightly further in providing firms with an extensive framework to meet and implement, with certification available after assessment to demonstrate a high standard of information security.

We have utlised many of the requirements and frameworks from such schemes, but have also added in policy templates that provide a foundation for areas such as asset management, business continuity, secure disposal, email usage, access control and much more. Our extensive Information Security Toolkit also comes with a useful audit checklist for assessing where your firm complies already and identifes any areas that need work.

Written using Microsoft Office Word, all of our templates and policies are fully customisable and can be corporate branded. Available to download instantly, we also provide you with your first annual update free of charge should any of the content be revised or added to.

If you are looking to comply with the GDPR/DPA18 in addition to your information security program, our GDPR Toolkit includes the complete IS Toolkit as well as over 30 GDPR/DPA18 compliant policies, procedures and templates.