Risk Management Templates

Risk Management Policy & Program

Risk management is mandatory in numerous industries and sectors and aids in ensuring effective business continuity, anti-money laundering and due diligence, as well as identifying what risks the business needs to be aware of and mitigate.

For firms in industries such as financial and credit, there is an even greater emphasis placed on having a robust and compliant risk management program in place to meet the FCA’s stringent rules and regulations.


Risk management is about assessing the risks associated with doing business and includes employees, suppliers, systems, processes and the services/products the company offers.

Eliminating risk where possible is obviously the desired outcome, but this is often not possible in certain business areas where risk will always be present. It is therefore mandatory to have processes and controls to assess and mitigate the risk as far as possible.

  • Identify the risks within the business
  • Assess the impact & likelihood (risk rating)
  • Mitigate through corrective actions & controls
  • Reassess impact & likelihood (risk rating)
  • Ongoing monitoring of risk & controls

Risk AssessmentWhether you develop your own risk management policy program or use customisable templates to save time and money; ensuring you include the stages on the left are essential for effective risk assessment.

Thousands of organisations already use our policy templates to develop and maintain their compliance programs. Our Risk Management Templates follow the Three Lines of Defence approach and offer working policy and procedure content that is fully customisable.

If you are authorised by the FCA, having a risk management policy is a mandatory handbook requirement and forms part of the main regulatory principle requirements. Read more about the FCA’s Approach to Risk Management.