Anti Money Laundering Policy Template

Whether you are supervised by the HMRC, FCA, Gambling Commission or one of the designated professional bodies (e.g. AAT; ACCA; AAT etc), if you have obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 (MLR17), then you will need robust and compliant anti money laundering policies and procedures in place.

The regulations apply to many business sectors, including: –

  • financial and credit businesses
  • independent legal professionals
  • accountants
  • tax advisers
  • auditors & insolvency practitioners
  • trust & company service providers
  • estate agents
  • casinos

Whichever supervisory body you come under for money laundering compliance, each body has the right to verify and asess your anti-money laundering program and to ensure that your AML policy, due diligence processes and risk assessment procedures are compliant, adequate and effective. This can be done in a number of ways including visits or office based compliance.

It is not simply enough to have a generic anti money laundering policy or to carry out sporadic risk assessments. Your AML Toolkit must cover all of the mandatory MLR17 rules and requirements and meet the guidelines and additional rules set by your supervisory body.

If you would like to see some sample documents from the AML Toolkit prior to making your purchase, you can download AML Sample Documents here.

We have designed 3 main anti-money laundering template packs for firms with differing needs and scopes. Starting with our standard Anti-Money Laundering Policy, which includes extensive content for HMRC, FCA and other supervisory body compliance. The pack also includes a detailed AML risk assessment template.

Our complete AML toolkit is our bestselling AML package and contains working policies, procedures and templates for asessing your money laundering compliance; carrying our extensive due diligence on clients, customers, suppliers and employees; risk assessment templates and policies and checklists for AML and due diligence. We also offer our extensive anti-money laundering toolkit in a bundle with our popular Anti Money Laundering Training Package, designed for training your own employees in-house.

We also have individual AML policies, templates and checklists. Visit SHOP ALL AML PRODUCTS.