Anti Money Laundering Templates for Small Firms

GDPR CCTV Policy Template

Anti Money Laundering templates for small firms should provide ready-to-use content that is easily customised. Many of the smaller firms who have obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations are supervised by the HMRC. However, some have other supervisory authorities such as the FCA or professional bodies. Whoever your AML supervisor is, you will need to know which regulations you must adhere to. Our useful article “Which AML Documents Do I Need?” has been used by hundreds of small firms to understand their AML obligations. It provides simple guidance on which AML policies and controls are needed for each business type.

Anti Money Laundering Templates for Small FirmsAnti Money Laundering Templates for Small Firms

Know Your Compliance Limited have been providing AML policy templates for more than 10 years. We have over 8500 organisations using our documents and manuals, from sole traders through to major brands. We understand policy development and know that the firms using us want to spend their time focusing on their business. That’s why we provide professional, compliant AML policies and controls suitable for firms of all scopes and size.

Are you looking for Anti Money Laundering templates? Or maybe you are a larger firm wanting to review your existing AML compliance program! Take a look at our AML templates to see how we can help you gain and maintain compliance.