Whistleblowing Policy Template

Whistleblowing Policy TemplateOur Whistleblowing Policy Template is already used by hundreds of organisations to meet their obligations under the PIDA and/or FCA requirements. Using a template allows you to start with professional and compliant content that can be customised to suit your business type and needs.

It is mandatory for most firms to have a Whistleblowing Policy in place to ensure that employees or associated third parties know how to report any concerns. The legal requirements are set out in the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) which protects whistleblowers from unfair treatment.

For firms authorised by the FCA, SYSC 18 sets out the rules for those who are required to have a Whistleblowing Policy and appoint a Whistleblower’s Champion. The rules advise that obligated firms must have whistleblowing procedures and controls that enable the fair and confidential reporting of concerns.


Whistleblowing Template

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Whistleblowing Obligations

If you have general obligations to have a whistleblowing policy within your company, the Government have published information of what the policy should cover and what firms are required to do. Whistleblowers are defined as employees’ who report certain types of wrongdoing (which does not have to be something seen at work). 

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) requires that any disclosed wrongdoing must be in the public interest. Concerns not covered under the PIDA can be reported via other routes such as complaint procedures or grievance procedures.

Firms authorised under the FCA with obligations under SYSC 18 of the FCA Handbook have some additional responsibilities when it comes to whistleblowing. These include appointing a whistleblower’s champion, providing training to employees on whistleblowing and providing annual reports to the governing body.