Comply with the Senior Managers and Certificate Regime (SM&CR)

SM&CR Deadline 31 March 2021

FCA Conduct Rules TrainingThe FCA’s latest regulation round-up reminds all solo-regulated firms that the new deadline for certifying staff and delivering conduct rules training is fast approaching. The original date for compliance was extended last year owing to the pandemic. The SM&CR now comes into full force on 31st March 2021, with firms also being required to submit their directory persons data via Connect.

Many firms have already assessed and implemented the new changes ahead of time. But for those who still need to develop and deliver conduct rules training or certify their employee under the FIT assessment requirements, our SMCR Template Pack can help.


FCA Guidance & Links for the SMCR

The FCA have said that the Senior Managers and Certificate Regime (SMCR) “acts as a catalyst for change [and] aims to reduce harm to consumers and strengthen market integrity by encouraging greater individual accountability for conduct and competence and setting a new standard of personal conduct.”

SMCR & Supporting Templates

Our exclusive SMCR Template Pack is available to download instantly after payment and helps solo-regulated firms to develop a compliant SMCR program.

With the first annual update free of charge and fully customisable content, you can save time and money using our professional templates.

There are also several SMCR Prescribed Responsibilities that firms have an obligation to comply with for which we offer templates and policies: –

  • (d) – Responsibility for the firm’s policies & procedures for countering the risk that the firm might be used to further financial crime – See our AML Toolkits
  • (z) – Responsibility for the firm’s compliance with CASS – See our CASS Manual
  • (j-3) – For firms outsourcing its internal audit function (outsourcing, due diligence & conflicts of interest) – See our Supporting Policies